About Us

Hey dear ❤

Mina’s paradise is an online cosmetic and beauty shop which is called after my one and only loving cat Mina. I have been struggling with finding a high quality of facial masks and other beauty products to take care my skin and nurture it. After testing and consuming tons of beauty products including organic or some super expensive both locally and internationally manufactured cosmetic items, I was still overwhelmed with my skin issues. BUT my quest for finding a good skin care was worth it that 2 years ago I went to Korea to visit my cousin, BOOM, since after then I fell in love with Korean beauty products, especially with their fine quality of facial masks. It was unbelievable that there are hundreds of facial masks with different customisation. If you my dear, stressed with skin issues or just want to maintain your beautiful skin as healthy and young as now, try one that fits for your wish. I have been there once, but not anymore. And I want to share with my experience with you guys to help you to overcome your concerns. I truly believe that self care is the fuel that allows your light to shine brightly! Let you shine like a diamond!


Your loving,